Art is a modern term for our collective expression based on our experience of what life is, as it is lived from moment to moment. I am an Experientialist using all mediums as needed. The medium used is a vehicle for that expression, and can be shared in a variety of ways: the written word, sound, shapes, visual cues as found in drawings and paintings of 'life marks' which form constellations, serifs, hoplites and simple strokes. In symbols, designed planes of color and line, humor exists; in the arrangement of the ready-made, melancholy can be found, a viewpoint walking in nature, or 'dreamscapes' in the assemblage of objects is to me, humanity happening. We all are participants in the task of asserting the soul/spirit. When I can invite in others, create an event (of feeling and being human) for experiencing emotions, then I am doing my job well.